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From a girl who loves plants and being outdoors but lives in the middle of a city 

I've created this space to share plant care tips from one urban gardener to another... or just someone that is interested in "greening" their homes with low maintenance plants!

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Plant Hobbyist

Hi! I'm Christine. Gardening (indoor and outdoor) is a hobby of mine and since joining Instagram in 2018 under the @bloomsinboston handle, I've been loving the community of plant enthusiasts I've become a part of! I decided to start a blog to highlight plant care tips, plant styling tips, and where to shop/how to grow LOW MAINTENANCE plants. Low maintenance is key... after all this is a hobby and I don't have the desire to be dealing with plants that require more attention than a human! I'm not talking about growing weeds here, but plants with awesome foliage that can go a few weeks without water and that I don't have to worry about when I'm on vacation!

If you want more details...

I live in a condo in Boston, MA and therefore consider myself an urban gardener in its truest sense ;). 958 sqft in a South facing unit gives me the opportunity to take advantage of all natural sunlight and has also led to many plant experiments (positive and negative!). 

When it's not freezing outside (so above 50 degrees Fahrenheit to us in the Northeast), I take this hobby outdoors to the Fenway Victory Gardens. This community garden happens to be the only remaining and continuously-operating World War II Victory Garden in the U.S. (500 acres of active community gardening too!) It is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Boston.